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Sarah Crystal's interest in textiles started at a young age, when she would use unconventional materials from around the house to make new outfits for her Barbie dolls. Since then Sarah has developed her work into both conventional and non-conventional pieces. By high school Sarah already had a strong understanding of fabrics and how to sew them into appropriate garments. In April of her sophomore year, Sarah won an award for each of her two pieces in Plano, Texas' Live Green Expo. In this recycling convention she entered a dress made of recycled vintage stained outfits into a new look. Sarah also entered a rain coat made from plastic shopping bags.




Sarah recently added ice hockey to the list of her Sports as a way to fuel her passion on the ice in a team envioronment.

After recieving her diving certification at age 16, Sarah makes an escape to a new dive spot with her father annually. 

Scuba Diving

As a competitive figure skater starting at age six, Sarah now enjoys skating in here free time without the pressures of competition and risk of injury. 

Figure Skating

Sarah then applied and was accepted into The Galleria of Dallas's Fashion Camp. Here she spent two weeks learning from local professionals in the fashion industry and helped style a runway show for the Galleria's stores on tax free weekend. This encouraged Sarah to move to San Francisco and study textile design at the Academy of Art University. She has spent this opportunity soaking up as much information as possible to prepare her for a job in the industry. Here she has expanded into working not only on fashion fabrics, but also papers and interiors.


In fall of 2012 Sarah won third place in The Golden Rule Project Scarf Design Contest. Click Here for a newspaper clipping from East Coast News on the project. In December 2012  Sarah received her BFA in Fashion Design from the Academy of Art University. She is currently employed as a designer at Stitchmaker in Wylie, Texas.  

Both water skiing and wakeboarding are Sarah's favorite ways to beat the heat durring the summer months. 

Water Skiing
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